Breaking Barriers: Columbia Academy Leads the Way!

We are thrilled to make history as the FIRST private school in Mississippi to participate in the groundbreaking School Safety Guardian Program (House Bill 1120), setting new standards in campus security! At Columbia Academy, we’ve always been committed to providing the best for our students and staff, and safety is at the forefront of our priorities. With the School Safety Guardian Program, we’re taking a giant stride towards fortifying our security measures like never before. As pioneers in this innovative initiative, we are partnering with leading security experts to implement cutting-edge technologies and strategies. Every aspect of our security program is being strengthened to ensure the utmost safety of everyone within our campus walls. By being the first in Mississippi to embrace the School Safety Guardian program, we aim to inspire other educational institutions to follow suit, creating a network of secure learning environments for students. Together, we can build a safer future for the next generation. Columbia Academy is stepping into the future with confidence, determination, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Please continue to pray for the safety of our school!

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